Riding the Infertility Crazy Train

how I'm muddling through infertility, loss, and perimenopause

Peri-what the what???

on January 24, 2013

Since last week when Jenna and I discussed passing the Crazy Train torch to me, I have been rough-drafting my reintroduction, contemplating the format, possible outreach, ect.  Yesterday was the day to get my thoughts online!  The day to open myself back up to the WordPress world!  The day to share my ride since i bailed off the train last year!  The day to begin expression, coping, and healing! Or so i thought…

Perimenopause.  That’s what yesterday’s cycle day 4 blood work showed.  That’s the call I got in the middle of the afternoon while at work.  I was already having a bit of a time digesting the conversation I had with the nurse that morning regarding how confusing it was that none of my eggs fertilized during my first IVF cycle two weeks ago.  The numbers tell all.  Five months ago my FSH was in range of a 30 year old which was odd according to my doctor.  A year ago my levels were consistent with that of a 20 year old.  Talk about having hope!     Heck, I was old but my reserve was abundant!

In short, I’m 40, on bcp day 2, and walking toward our second and last IVF cycle.  I’ll post more in the days and moments to come regarding who I am and how i landed back here on the Crazy Train.  Whoever is out there reading, I wish you well with blessings abounding.




2 responses to “Peri-what the what???

  1. Jenna says:

    I am sorry you are still on the damn train, but glad you picked up the torch. This place helped me work through a lot of raw emotions in the most positive light I could muster. May it bring you solace. TTFN! Jenna

  2. Jenna says:

    BTW…you know I am ALWAYS here for you no matter how crazy things are on the new train I hopped.

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